Monday, September 12, 2011

Thinking outside the box...

Earlier this week we finally got the chance to change around the showrooms, as things have been really busy and it has been tough fitting everything in. When you get all the furniture items and mirrors etc into the room you step back and start the tweaking, adding the all important accessories. It’s this that adds the layers to a scheme. Injecting personality, whilst having fun mixing and matching styles. I love playing with texture, form and colour for dramatic effect. Matching and mismatching objects gives the room character and creates a unique environment.

We are really lucky that we have wonderful collections at hand to play with and create a vision.

The pieces we love at the moment are “BOXES” - we have a variety in different materials, sizes and colours. A grouping set on a console, or a collection placed on a chaise at the base of a bed, adds interest to the room. The textures of shagreen and the rawness of stone boxes with intricate quilted designs carved into them. The bonus is they are practical too and make the perfect home for treasures, be it jewellery, watches or keep sakes. I have been so inspired I took a collection to the country this weekend and added beautiful shagreen ones in the drawing room and penshell ones in the study.

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