Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is it a desk or a dressing table?

We are selling an increasing number of desks and dressing tables from our showrooms. It’s funny how things have changed and as we work more and more from home the desk has become an essential piece of home kit for everyone. In fact, is it a desk or a dressing table? Something so beautiful is being used as both a desk and a dressing table. With all of us favouring iPads and Air Books we don’t require a whole lot of kit for a work space we now require something elegant , comfortable and yet practical. Blending both sleek design and stunning new materials we have added two new items to the collection, the Paris dressing table and the Openshaw desk.

The Paris dressing table

High gloss on walnut, with a great silhouette .The concealed draw is ideal for Powder or Paper!

The Openshaw desk

Chrome detail with embossed "croc" leather.  Mixes the luxury of the embossed leather with the sleekness of Chrome. The Openshaw desk comes in a variety of colours from slate grey to a deep aubergine.

The Paris Dressing table can be seen in the Walton Street showroom and the Openshaw desk is in our Kimbolton Court showroom.